Google Ads Will Start Automatically Making Changes to PPC Accounts Without Your Consent

Search engines—Google, Bing, Yahoo—are constantly updating their search algorithms. In addition, advertisers with pay-per-click accounts sometimes get new and improved functionalities to assist their campaigns. A new change with Google PPC Accounts will happen automatically, and this change might be a bad idea. Search Engine Land describes what the change is and how you can opt out of the change.

Google is Taking the Wheel

Google Ads are already running automated campaigns in the form of Smart Campaigns. Now, the search engine giant is taking their automation one step further: Google will now help advertisers with their campaign management by managing the campaigns behind the scenes.

Ginny Marvin of Search Engine Land writes, “This kind of program will have immediate implications for the advertisers that have this service turned on, but there are longer-term implications for the broader ecosystem of agencies, consultants, clients and paid search practitioners.”

Currently, Google Ads shows when there are suggestions, such as adding certain keywords or updating ad text. According to Google, this new change will make these suggestions automatic. Here’s why that’s bad: You might not want every suggestion Google has for you. Nobody knows your product or service better than you do; therefore, allowing Google to implement all suggestions might make a change that would drive less traffic to your website.

Furthermore, Google has not commented on any real-world training their own PPC “experts” have. There will also be no coordination with the client or current PPC manager. Local SEO expert Joe Youngblood comments in the screenshot below.

Opting in .. and Out

Google will automatically opt advertisers in during the coming days. Once you receive the email, you have 7 days to opt out of this change. The actual email says “we will start this support in 7 business days. If you don’t want this support, click here by 02/04/2019”. See the screenshot below.

If Google is taking a more hand-on approach, are the liable for the results of the ad? Ginny Marvin continues, “Google is careful to say that advertisers are still responsible for the results of their campaigns and shouldn’t put blind faith in its optimization efforts.” See the disclaimer from Aaron Levy’s Tweet below.

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Google opt out email is a screenshot by Gain Local

Aaron Levy Tweet is a screenshot by Gain Local