84% of Local SEO Experts Say That Link Building is A Very Important Task

Link building—getting other websites to link back to yours—is a crucial ranking signal that search engines use to help them place your website in search results. The idea is this: The more often quality websites link to yours, the higher your own website will rank in search results. A recent study was done which shows that Local SEO experts agree on the power of link building. BrightLocal has the story. Let’s see what they have to say!

“We asked a small group of local SEO experts to share their opinions and experiences of building local business backlinks – and their insights are fascinating.”

What Local SEOs are Saying

As seen in our title, 84% of Local SEOs say that link building is a “very important task”. This is up from 72% in 2018. Link building is an important ranking signal; however, it’s not the only one or even the most important task Local SEOs focus on.

For example, and as seen in the graph above, only 5% of Local SEOs say that link building is the most important task they work on. And that’s down from 11%. Local SEOs are working on other things! We are as well. Contact us to know what really matters to get your website ranked higher in Local search results.

The Effectiveness of Link Building

So how important is link building, anyway? It looks like there’s a pretty good change of opinion from 2018 to 2019. 45% of Local SEOs surveyed in 2018 said link building is only “fairly effective”. This number dropped to 37% in 2018. So, what happened to those Local SEOs who changed their minds?

Instead of “fairly effective”, they now believe link building is “very effective”! Case in point, in 2018, 55% of Local SEOs said link building was “very effective”. Now, in 2019, 63% of them say link building is “very effective”. That’s a positive jump for the use of link building as a Local SEO strategy.

The following Local SEO Experts were quotes in the article:

  • Joel Headley, PatientPop
  • Mary Bowling, Ignitor Digital
  • Alex Jones, Hallam
  • Brian Barwig, IntegrateDigitalMarketing
  • Will Scott, Search Influence
  • Gyi Tsakalakis, AttorneySync
  • Blake Denman, RicketyRoo
  • Colan Nielsen, Sterling Sky
  • Dev Basu, Powered by Search
  • Ben Fisher, Steady Demand
  • David Mihm, ThriveHive
  • Carrie Hill, Ignitor Digital
  • Steve Wiideman, Wiideman Consulting Group
  • Casey Meraz, JurisDigital
  • Phil Rozek, Local Visibility System
  • Adam Dorfman, Reputation.com
  • Dan Leibson, Local SEO Guide
  • Joy Hawkins, Sterling Sky
  • Tom Waddington, Wachae

Featured photo and SEO linked building graphs are screenshots by Gain Local