A Google Drive Script to Find All of the Links To Local Competitor Websites

Zach Todd over at Persuaded.io has released a Google Drive script that you can use to find all of the websites that link to your local competitors in Google maps for a specific keyword. This could really help your business’s local seo efforts. The script works by scraping the competitors on the map and their website URLs and then uses the Mozscape API to find the linking domains and pages for each competitor. Once the script has gathered all of this information it then collates and analyses the data set to create a ‘link intercept’ list showing you which websites link to your competitors the most.

google sheets local link building script in action

Zach has released his Google Drive Script free of charge, but it’ll still cost money to run it. The script requires the Google Maps API and the Mozscape API to operate. The Google Maps API allows you to start with a free credit, but the Mozscape API runs at $250 at the least expensive level.

You can find the Google Drive Script code, instructions, and a link to copy Zach’s script directly in Google Drive in his blog post: “Build Local Links with Google Apps Scripting