A Google Lawsuit Has Shut Down One Local SEO Scam Company

A good reputation is important for companies to maintain. False accusations, or impostors, can hurt the image of the innocent company. Take Google, for example. A small business scammer claimed to be affiliated with Google. When Google found out, they sued. Search Engine Land describes what happened.

Google Teaches Scammers a Lesson

Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land writes, “The company will be dissolved but is also required to notify all customers who were scammed, apologize and tell them it’s not affiliated with Google. Finally, the executives will be required to certify that they’re complying with the judgment for three years.”

Ouch! Not only is the scamming company being put out of business, but they have to pay monetary fines as well. Supreme Marketing Group is being required to pay $750,000 in damages to Google. In addition, their executives have to pay $100,000 each. Google will donate the money.

This lawsuit and the penalties send a serious message to any would-be scammer: Don’t claim to be affiliated with Google if you’re not. If you do, you’ll get sued and possibly be put out of business.

Featured photo by Pixabay on Pexels