Google is Displaying Local Business Listings in Search Results Differently Across Mobile Browsers

What’s Up with the Local Search Results…. Who the f knows?


There appears to be no rhyme or reason with how Google displays local search results in different mobile environments. Mike Blumenthal of describes it: “I was sitting on my office, doing “research” and did the same local search (Custom Jewelry Design Williamsville) on my iPhone in three different Google mobile environments; Safari, Chrome and the Google App. All within seconds of each other.”

What he found was that different information was presented to the searcher. The Safari browser search showed the category of the search (Jewelry), business name, city and state, operating hours, and even some preview website content. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like from the Safari browser on a mobile device:

Viewing the Results With Google Maps

I was intrigued with Mike Blumenthal’s finding so I wanted to see for myself. I searched for “Custom Jewelry Design Williamsville” in my Google Maps app. Results were similar; however, there were noticeable differences. For example, my search has a “call” button. Instead of city and state, my results show the actual street address, even though I’m nowhere near New York. See below for my screenshot:

Featured photo by PhotoMIX Ltd on Pexels

Google Local Search Result Photo is a screenshot of by Gain Local