Google Is Shuttering the Small Business Community from Google

Small businesses and startups have high potential for growth. Energized small business owners have to be jacks-of-all-trades in order to propel their company to success. During this process, the small business owner will have a myriad of questions. Numerous online communities are available for these individuals. One of them is the Small Business Community from Google. There’s only one problem: Google is closing this community on January 16, 2019. Bill Hartzer is covering this story and has an idea of why it’s being shuttered.

Google Says Goodbye

The Small Business Community from Google team had some parting words to members of the website. Here’s a small snapshot of what they wrote: “Thank you for being a member of the Small Business Community from Google. … For continued support, please check out these resources:

  • Primer app for quick and easy lessons on business and marketing skills
  • Grow with Google for free training, tools, and events
  • Google My Business Product Support Community to connect with product experts and business owners”

In addition to these great resources, we would encourage small business owners to check out Local Seach Forum. Local Search Forum has plenty of information about Local SEO, like ours does.

Small Business Community: A Hidden Resource

Many people—including online markers—didn’t even know the Small Business Community from Google existed. Bill Hartzer continues, “Up until now I wasn’t really aware of the Small Business Community from Google, or I would have most likely have participated more. In fact, I had to sign up for it in order to see the top post.”

The restrictive nature of the website probably led to its decline in popularity. Or, perhaps it was just never popular to begin with. Bill seems to agree. He writes, “Closing down a site so quickly is rather odd–you’d think that they would give it more time, giving it a few months. But it could be due to just a lack of participation in this community.” There are only 8800 members in the Small Business Community from Google.

Featured photo is a screenshot of Google Small Business Community by Gain Local

Google Small Business Community Bill Hartzer photo is a screenshot by Gain Local