Google My Business Adds Branded Search Insights

There are three ways customers find your website: Direct, Discovery, and Branded searches. A Branded search happens when searchers find your information after searching for a brand related to your business. Google My Business has made a welcome addition to Insights reporting when it comes to Branded searches. The Google Advertiser Community covers this latest feature.

Insights on Branded Searches

The Google Advertiser Community is a forum where people can ask questions, research Google services, and interact with other like-minded individuals. Kara_GMB is one of these individuals. As a matter of fact, she’s a Community Manager on the forums.

Kara_GMB writes, In November we rolled out a new Insights feature that gives you an inside look at how people find your business listing on Google Search and Maps. This Insights category for branded searches lets you see how many customers found your listing by searching for a brand related to your business. You can find this new category in your Insights tab under “How customers search for your business.” Learn more about Insights in our Help Center.”

Google My Business also shared this information on Twitter. See the photo of their Tweet below.

This new feature is important because you gain insights into how people are finding you. People find your business online by searching for specific keywords. If you know what keywords return your website in Branded searches, you’ll be able to optimize your brand to increase the number of views your business gets.

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Featured photo by Wikimedia

Google My Business Tweet is a screenshot by Gain Local