Google My Business Has Added a New Feature to Specify Hours for Different Services

Google My Business has just rolled out a useful new feature that was likely inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, but which will probably come in handy for many local businesses even after. The new feature is called “More Hours”. It essentially allows a business to expand upon the standard “hours of operation” by stating what hours the business is open for specific services.

You can find the new feature in your Google My Business account under “Info”, sandwiched between the normal “Hours” section and the “Special Hours” section which is typically used for holiday hours.

google my business more hours feature

Right now the feature is only available for these specific services:

  • Access
  • Brunch
  • Delivery
  • Drive Through
  • Happy Hours
  • Kitchen
  • Pickup
  • Senior Hours
  • Takeout

The ability to list hours of a specific service doesn’t appear to be based on what category a business listing is in, any category can access the More Hours feature for all of the above services. This screenshot was provided by a marketing agency which shows they can offer hours for Brunch or a Drive Through.

google my business more hours feature services

As is evidenced in the above screenshot, Restaurants appear to be the main target of this new feature although services like “Senior Hours” are also currently popular with grocery stores, pharmacies, and retail.

There is no word yet from Local SEOs on how this new capability might impact rankings. It’s a safe bet, however, that Google Maps or Google Search may not want to list a business for a matching query during a time when someone is searching for that service but the service is not being offered. For example if a customer searches for “pizza delivery near me” and the pizza restaurant a block away stopped offering delivery an hour ago, then their listing may not appear in the results.

Google Help Document on the More Hours Feature:

Screenshots provided by the team at Local SEO Agency Joe Youngblood SEO & Digital Marketing Consulting