Local Businesses Can Now See if They Are Getting Traffic from Google Discover

Where is your website traffic coming from? Some of your traffic will come from social media. Other traffic will come from links on other web pages pointed to your own website. Now, you’ll be able to see if your traffic is coming from Google Discover. Google Webmaster Central Blog details this new way of learning about your traffic.

Google Discover and Search Console

What is Google Discover? Google reminds us that Discover “is a feature within Google Search that helps users stay up-to-date on all their favorite topics, without needing a query.” When users follow topics, Google displays content related to the interests of these users. Is your website being shown to users as a result of their interests via Google Discover? If so, you’re now able to see the reporting from these clicks and actions.

Here are the statistics from Google Discover that are now available in your Search Console:

  • “How often is my site shown in users’ Discover? How large is my traffic?
  • Which pieces of content perform well in Discover?
  • How does my content perform differently in Discover compared to traditional search results?”

There’s one important caveat: “The new Discover report is shown to websites that have accumulated meaningful visibility in Discover.” That means your website needs to already have a presence in Google Discovery. Furthermore, you’re only able to see data beginning in March 2019.

Whether you can see Discover statistics in Search Console or not, the important thing is to keep an eye on your Search Console. There, you’re able to use tools to help you optimize the visibility of your website in Google search results.

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