Someone Spammed Google’s UK Office on Google Maps With a Fake Event Asking Them to Stop Spammers From Spamming

We recently detailed how Google added the ability to post events on Google Maps. Now, a prankster has decided to use this new feature for “evil”, or, least, a moment of comedy. As you can see from the Tweet above, Tim Capper shared that a spammer spammed the Google UK office with a fake event.

The event was called “Stop Spamming Businesses Google”. Oops! I’m sure Google removed the fraudulent “event” as soon as they were made aware of the listing.

Spam has always been a problem for Google and it’s apparent that it still is. Spammers don’t always do what they do just for a few laughs. Some spammers, like unethical business owners, have spammed and stuffed keywords on Google Maps in the attempt to rank higher in Local results.

Eventually, Google catches on and either gives the spammer a manual penalty or knocks down their rankings in search results. Practice honest SEO methods and you’ll be sure to get ahead! Proper event marking is one of these Local SEO methods. And we can help you get your events on the online map! Check out our event marketing services page for more information.

Featured photo by Geralt on Pixabay