Small Business Coronavirus Relief Program

Announcing our Million Dollar Small Business Coronavirus Relief Program for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 virus in the USA and Canada.

Right now tens of thousands of small business owners in the USA are struggling with cash flow and we want to be part of the solution. We’ve already built a COVID-19 Coronavirus Small Business Action Center to help disseminate important information to SMB owners during this crisis.

Now we want to take things a step further, starting today we are offering any business impacted by this pandemic a way to save on some of their digital bills by giving away a million dollars in free WordPress website hosting, WordPress management, Google My Business management, and page speed optimization.

All businesses who qualify will get these services free of charge until the pandemic has passed and things return to normal. They’ll never be billed and can cancel services at any time, we’ll even move their website to a new hosting solution if they want, also free of charge.

Apply For the Progam Now

    What is it

    We’re offering our exclusive

    • WordPress web hosting on super fast SSD drives with unlimited storage
    • WordPress Management with backups and updates
    • Google My Business Management
    • Page Speed Optimization

    all 100% free with no strings until the pandemic ends.

    How It Works

    1. Small Business owners can apply to the program using the form below.
    2. If approved a business owner will receive a custom code to use on signup which will waive ALL fees.
    3. Our programs are month-to-month, a business owner can cancel at any time they wish.
    4. Those who choose to stick around after the pandemic passes will be billed at a normal rate or they can adjust / reduce their services as they wish.

    Small Business owners of restaurants, gyms, and other businesses impacted by COVID-19 are eligible to apply for this program. To get started and see if you qualify, fill out this form:

      More about our services included in this program

      WordPress Web Hosting
      We have our own servers running on the latest versions of CentOS and WHM/cPanel. Our servers use SSD drives to provide a super-fast loading experience for customers. The servers also come with free auto-updating SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt to ensure your website is safe and secure. Gain Local does not offer web hosting to the public, our servers are exclusive to our member businesses.

      Everything included:
      – Unlimited Storage
      – Free SSL certificate auto-updating for life
      – Flexible maximum upload limits
      – SSD drives
      – Managed and up-to-date servers with latest PHP, MySQL, etc…

      WordPress Management
      WordPress updates all the time to add new features, patch exploits, and improve performance. This cycle of updates means that themes can become out-of-date, slow, clunky, broken, and insecure. We keep WordPress, Plugins, and Themes up dated and interface with theme developers to fix flaws or errors in their code. We also run a backup before major changes to your site and at least one backup per month so nothing is every permanently lost, deleted, or broken.

      Everything included:
      – WordPress updates
      – Website backups (at least one per month)
      – WordPress Plugin updates
      – WordPress Theme updates (no custom coding)

      Google My Business Management
      Google My Business is Google’s platform for businesses to be displayed on Google Maps and in Google’s search engine as a local business. This platform is in a state of constant flux with new features and adjustments all the time. One thing that occurs most frequently is that a business competitor will tell Google your address or phone number is incorrect and you’ll be forced to go in and fix this. Instead of wasting your time doing this, we use a combination of manual and API integrations to ensure your data on Google is always correct and accurate.

      Everything included:
      – Manage your Google My Business listing data
      – Optimize your Google My Business description

      Page Speed Optimization
      The mobile web is now the dominant part of the internet and it demands faster loading websites. We are experts in optimizing websites for load speed using a variety of tools such as image compression, code optimization, and server optimization to make pages load lightning fast.

      Everything included:
      – Image compression for up to 100 mb of images per month
      – WP Rocket licensed installation and setup
      – DNS Prefetch code added
      – Super-fast SSD drives (on our servers)