Recommended Non-Profits

These are the non-profits that we recommend businesses donate to as a sponsor or underwriter in each city listed below. A recommended non-profit is one that we feel is makes a great impact on their community, has information on their website about accepting sponsorships or underwriters from local businesses, and appears to maintain their sponsorship program with local businesses.

Recommended Non-Profits by City

Recommended Non-Profits in Dallas, TX

To be listed in a city a non-profit must have a physical presence in or very near the city that the list is about. Our team spends dozens of hours of research vetting and confirming sponsorship details for each list of recommended non-profits and charities. The hope is that small businesses wanting to give back to their community can use these lists to do so comfortably without spending hours sifting through online directories and without worrying that their donations are going to other communities. Each list is subject to updating at any time and we’ll display a date on the page with the