Recommend Non-Profits to Sponsor in Dallas

Supporting non-profits in your local community is a great way to give back and help build visibility. We’ve looked through search engines, combed through directories, and asked our colleagues to help us find the best charities and non-profits to put together this list of Dallas based non-profits that accept sponsorships or underwriting from local businesses. While most non-profits will accept donations from anyone willing to give; some non-profits allow businesses to sponsor or underwrite their work and give the business credit in exchange, typically in the form of a logo on their website or on a t-shirt, a mention at an event, or sometimes by naming something after the sponsor.

Here are the top non-profits that we think would make great marketing partners for your business in Dallas, TX and are recommending that you donate to. In the list below you’ll find the non-profits name, a link to their sponsorship information on their website, the type of non-profit they are, the lowest amount they’ll accept from a sponsor, and if they are a 501(3)(c) or not.

Name of Non-ProfitWebsite URLType of Non-ProfitLegal StatusLowest Donation Amount AcceptedOne-time, Monthly, or Annual Sponsorship
DFW Rescue Me / Pet Rescue501(3)(c)$1,000Annual
DFW Rescue Me / Pet Rescue501(3)(c)$100One-time
Dallas Margarita Society Event501(3)(c)$750One-time
KNON Station501(3)(c)$450One-time