Google Testing Questions & Answers in Google Maps Interface

Q&A in local is not new, but it is new to the Google Maps interface.

The questions and answer feature was first introduced in 2017 but is now making its way to Google Maps interface. Google is currently testing showing the Q&A section in the local panel of listings directly in Google Maps as opposed to search only.

Some people are currently able to see these Q&A sections directly in Google Maps. See this example from Allie Margeson below.

Previously, Google only launched the Q&A sections  in desktop search, mobile search, and Andorid Google Maps. Now, questions and answers will directly be shown on the Google Maps interface including desktop.

Why you should care

As a business owner with a Google Maps listing, you should be aware of this feature to first answer any questions promptly from potential new / re-occuring customers. Secondly, know that any and everyone can ask and answer questions so you’ll want to be proactive in moderating these answers to ensure accurate information is being shared to your audience. Especially now that Q&A is showing up directly on Google Maps on desktop, it is even more important to stay on top of these Q&A sections.