Google’s Reporting Tool for Indexing Bugs is Now Available to Google Search Console Users

Back in April 2021, Google piloted a reporting tool for indexing bugs and has now opened availability to this tool to all Google Search Console users who use the English help form. 

On Monday, Google announced the availability of its new indexing bugs reporting tool to all Search Console users in English. There is no secret that Google Search indexing problems have been widespread over the years. Thankfully, Google’s new indexing tool should allow for a quicker, more efficient resolution to these common indexing problems for Google Search Console users. Google advises users to “always consult community forums and check support documentation” before reporting an Indexing issue”



Site owners and SEO specialists can now immediately and directly report submit indexing issues to Google that require more help than Google’s forums and support documents are able to provide. This should help site owners and SEO specialists who are having indexing issues be able to gain resolutions faster.


How-To Access/Use the Indexing Tool

In order to report an indexing bug to Google, you must first be signed into your Google Search Console account. Then access one of the following two help documents (in English) at the bottom of the page – the Index Coverage Report or the URL inspection tool. When you get to the form, you must answer a series of questions from Google before submitting. Here’s what the button looks like on the help documents and a short snippet of the form:

Google indexing bug reporting tool button

Google indexing tool form