If you get a letter from Web Host Agents, it is a scam, throw it away

No, you most likely do not owe a company called Web Host Agents any money. The letters have been hitting mailboxes of small business owners in the US lately and have riled up some SEO experts.

The letters are laid out like a utility bill but state in bold letters sandwiched in a lengthy paragraph that the letter is a solicitation for goods or services and not a bill. The scammers go out of their way to make the letter look like a bill by including things like a past due amount section, an account number, and a due date.

If you get a letter that looks like this one and you are a client of Gain Local, ignore it or contact us. If you have an SEO, marketing consultant, i.t. support team, or a hosting provider contact them. Whatever you do, do not pay this fake bill.

web host agents scam letter

Above: Copy of a scam letter received by a Gain Local client. Do not send money to this company. This is not a bill, it is an order form disguised as a bill.

Question: What happens if the bill is real and I don’t pay?
Answer: If the bill includes the phrase “This is a solicitation for the order of goods and services, or both, not a bill, or statement of account due” then it is not a real bill. If it does not include that phrase and you don’t recognize the company name on the bill, it is still most likely fake. You should always check with any consultant or team that works on your website first before paying invoices from company names you do not recognize.

Photo of scam letter by Gain Local