You Can Now Submit Public Events to Google Maps

Another week, another Google change! And this one is pretty awesome, especially if your business regularly holds events. I’ll explain why later. But for now, know that Google’s new feature allows you to add public events to Google Maps. Google’s related Maps Support web page—”Add an Event”—details how you can do this.

Putting Events on the Map

This feature was rolled out recently on March 25th, 2019. And it’s a very important one. Google’s help page describes three ways you may interact with this feature:

  • Add an event
  • Edit an event
  • Delete an event

The first few steps, no matter which option you want, is to open Google Maps. Then, you’ll click the Contribute tab and then Events. Once there, the steps are slightly different for the goal you want.

For example, if you want to add an event you’ll click “Add a public event”. If you want to edit an event, you’ll click “edit this event”. Finally, if you want to delete an event you’ll go to “edit this event” and then click “delete this event”. Take a look at the screenshot below for the full details on the instructions.

Mapping Events for Your Business

9to5Google provides some more information about this new feature. Damien Wilde writes, “During the set up process you can add an ‘Event name’, tag the location, and add a time and date. There is also the option to give the event a description, an image header, and even tag what the event entails. The tags are a little simple like whether there will be food, drink, or even if it’s a celebration or not.”

The details you’re able to add about your events is important. Here’s why: When people conduct Local searches, they’ll be able to get a better idea of the event you offer. This contributes to the amount of traffic you’ll get online and at the event as well.

From a Local SEO perspective, we imagine that Google will be highlighting upcoming events in your area and ranking them higher in search results. Has the date of the event passed? Google will either remove the event altogether or greatly reduce where the event ranks in search results. That’s because it’s not relevant or timely anymore. So here’s the takeaway: If you want more traffic, schedule events in Google Maps on a regular basis!

Featured photo by Fu Zhicao on Pexels

Adding events to Google Maps photo is a screenshot by Gain Local