Facebook is Making Ads Manager Easier to Use

Recently, we’ve been talking about the many small improvements Google has made to its platform for businesses. Now, let’s switch gears to focus on another company: Facebook. Facebook’s Ads Manager is a great option for any business using the paid advertising option. Ads Manager is undergoing some changes to improve its ease of use. Facebook Business details what’s in store for businesses using their ad platform.

Improving Ads Manager

For Facebook, the idea is simple: The easier their Ads Manager is to use, the more people may use it. Therefore, they have a financial interest in improving this part of their platform. After all, running ads is a major way they make money.

Facebook writes, “Today, we’re beginning to roll out a new Ads Manager interface with more simplified navigation features, a cleaner design and a new campaign management experience. You’ll notice a new navigation bar, providing more space to manage ads and highlight tools that offer more insight into ad performance and reporting.”

Let’s see this in action. In the photo below, you’ll notice the “Improved Ads Manager Experience”. Streamlined navigation, integrated search and filter bar, and new campaign view are all featured.

Facebook Ad Manager is also starting to get more automated. For example, they are currently working on an “auto-naming” feature which will allow businesses to customize their campaigns faster. In addition, the social network giant is also getting ready to “roll out more intuitive ad-level creative and placement editing tools.”

Featured photo by Simon on Pixabay

Ads Manager photo is a screenshot by Gain Local