Personal Injury Attorneys Will Soon Gain Access to Local Service Ads

Let the games begin folks, Google is informing Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles that they’ll be starting the process of setting up LSA’s for their branch of legal counsel by setting up interviews for information discovery about the space prior to launching the program.

Part of an email sent out by a Google Local Service / Google Ads employee was tweeted out by Google My Business Product Expert Ben Fisher:

There are a lot of complaints about LSA’s getting ‘gamed’ by more unscrupulous actors in various industries and worse they also seem to become incredibly important as consumers use them frequently if not more than the typical organic Google Maps insert (whether consumers are aware these LSA’s are paid ads, is unclear).

LSA’s are the ads that show at the top of search results containing stars, a phone number, and often either a “Google Guaranteed” or a “Google Screened” label.

Personal Injury has a reputation for being a little dirtier than other types of legal practice, leading some to believe this will become a cesspool for spam activity soon. If you’re a consultant or a Personal Injury attorney, buckle up.