Google My Business Phone Support Has Returned

As the pandemic rolled across the globe forcing lockdowns and shuttering overseas call centers, Google My Business’ phone support was closed down as well as chat support and social media support. While this support isn’t always the most helpful or useful and is rarely used by small businesses there were situations where a phone support call or social support chat were most helpful, for example if your business was erroneously tagged as fake by a competitor and Google’s system suspended your listing.

That all seems to have changed as of December 4th when Local SEO and Google Product Expert Ben Fisher noticed that the phone support option appeared to have been added back in for a client:

Ben has a long article about ways to contact Google My Business support which you might find helpful: How to Contact Google My Business for Help and Support?

This has now been confirmed by multiple Local SEOs and by industry journalist Barry Schwartz in his article Google My Business Phone Support Returns

Though as with any Google change, it does appear to be in a “rolling out” phase as some Local SEOs are not seeing the phone support option:

Either way it is good to know that if you need Google My Business support there may soon be more channels available to resolve your issues.