6 Ways to Get Your Local Business Content Seen on Facebook

Facebook marketing expert Joe Youngblood recently wrote about How To Get People To Actually See Your Facebook Content over on his blog. His post covered 6 rather unique and inventive ways to get your Facebook content in front of your audience. I’m going to explore his suggests.

Imagine this: Business A has 500 likes and Business B has 100 likes. When Business A creates a Facebook post, they get an average of 5 likes and 1 share. When Business B creates a Facebook post, they get an average of 15 likes and 3 shares. Since Business B has far fewer likes, how are they getting so many interactions with their followers? They are creating more engaging content!

In this article, you’re going to learn 6 ways to get your local content viewed on Facebook. Each of these techniques has low “barriers to entry” and can be put into action today. The goal is to get your product or service in front of more potential customers than your competitors. Can you do that? If you follow this guide, you can! The six ways are:

  1. Emailing your current subscribers
  2. Using video retargeting
  3. Starting a product- or service-centric group
  4. Advertising your best posts
  5. Sharing to your personal profile
  6. Sharing your Facebook videos elsewhere

1. Email Your Current Subscribers

Your mailing list is a goldmine for attracting potential Facebook visitors. That’s because the people on your list are already interested in what you have to offer. They follow you for a reason! Unless you go through them all one-by-one, you won’t know if they all follow you on Facebook; therefore, it’s a good idea to email them a link to your best posts with the goal of engagements.

Joe recommends using the tool Tidings built by David Mihm. This tool costs between $20 and $40 and turns your Facebook posts into an aesthetically pleasing email newsletter either weekly or monthly. Connect Tidings to your MailChimp account and it’ll do most of the work for you, pulling in your Facebook content and organizing it for the email newsletter. All you’ll have to do is login and make any adjustments before sending the newsletter out.

2. Use Video Retargeting

There’s a cool feature on Facebook that relates to people who have already seen a video you’ve posted. You can actually another video on their screen again by using a form of retargeting on Facebook.

To do this you’ll build a custom audience based on engagement and mark the settings for ‘watched your videos’. Now you can set an ad to run to people who have been watching the entertaining video content you’ve posted either with more entertaining content or with an advertisement to have them make a purchase or take an action.

3. Start a Product- or Service-centric Group

Do you sell a product or service? Is it unique? Whatever the case, you should start a Facebook group based on the product or service you sell. Attracting group members and then posting content inside the group is a powerful way to get engagements to your Page’s content. Create the group with your page and use your account to share your posts to your group members to make sure they see your content.

Facebook groups are also great because they create a clique or in-crowd atmosphere. This type of atmosphere can foster an increased level of engagement.

Here’s an added bonus to posting to a Facebook group: Postings you make inside the group are searchable in Facebook Search. While Facebook doesn’t give us search volume data, we do know that people use the search bar to look for events, groups, and sometimes even products and services.

4. Advertising Your Best Posts

One of the great things about Facebook is that the social media platform has a celebrated ad service system. Facebook Ads is easy to navigate and, as long as you have a credit card, you can get your ads running in no time. Why would you use ads? You’d use them for the same reason other businesses use them: to get eyes on your product or service and sell to customers.

Each post you make has a ‘boost’ button on them. When you click this button Facebook will turn your post into an advertisement and display it audiences you select. Joe recommends using this to promote engaging content daily to people who already like and follow your page. He’s built an entire process around this he calls The Facebook Machine and it’s definitely worth trying.

Essentially in this system you use the boost function on each post once per day for as little as $1. As your customers engage with your content more and more the likelihood that they’ll see your content on Facebook AND that they’ll do business with you increases.

5. Sharing to Your Personal Profile

You may already have a few likes on your business page, but you may have even more friends on your personal Facebook profile. Posts to personal profiles are also more likely to appear in the News Feed. This presents you with a unique opportunity to get more engagements.

It’s best to share what you think is your very best content to your personal profile. That way, you may get more engagements on your best posts instead of getting only a few if you share all of your posts. You don’t want to overwhelm your family and friends; however, be careful not to share too much or you’ll start getting unfriended. Balance your posts about your personal life with shared content from your page.

6. Share Your Facebook Videos Elsewhere

Content created exclusively for Facebook, like those videos with swiping text across them and an upbeat audio track, don’t have to be hosted just on Facebook. Get the most out of that content by sharing it in other places like your company’s LinkedIn, your company’s Twitter, appropriate subreddits (groups) on Reddit, or even your personal LinkedIn and Twitter.

Final Thoughts

In order to get the most out of your Facebook Page you might try each one of these. Remember the importance of creating quality, shareable content on your Facebook and not just selling all the time. If you create engaging content your followers will help you spread it to other people who might just become your customers.

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