Google Ads Appears To Be Banning Computer and Smart Phone Repair Advertisers

Google has the right to decide exactly what type of ads run in its search engine. We recently wrote that fake review services ads were spotted in the search engine; however, the ads were quickly removed. Did Google initially allow the ads to run or was there a glitch that allowed the fake review company to get around the filter? Now, something similar is happening with computer and smart phone ads. DigitalBrainLabs is covering this latest change by Google.

The Disappearing Ads

Mark Rabinovitsh of DigitalBrainLabs writes, “Without any warning, Google has shut down an entire industry from advertising using their platform.” Try searching “iPhone repair”. You won’t see any ads.

This is significant because computer and smart phone repair is such a large industry. Go to your local mall and you’ll probably see a kiosk for “phone repair” services (especially cracked screen repairs). Check websites like Craigslist and you’re bound to find numerous ads for computer and phone repair. Why is Google banning ads for these services?

Revenue Lost

There are two losers when these ads are banned: Google and the computer or smart phone repair company. Google loses advertising revenue and the repair company misses out on potential future customers and clients. “Clearly this vertical was raking millions of dollars in ad spend for Google. The reason behind this quiet shutdown is beyond me”, said Mark.

Where will these repair companies advertise in the future? Mark continues, This just comes to show you that if your business is entirely dependable on Google you might find yourself out of business one day without any warning. Word of advice; find additional channels to drive traffic, sales or anything else that you need in order for your business to keep running.”

Bing, Facebook, Craigslist, Yelp, and a handful of other Local search engines and services are viable options. Besides these and Google, contact us to learn what other advertising websites and methods are effective.

Getting Around the Ban

Mark updated his article describing how some smart phone repair ads are still running; however, you have to play around with your search query to see them. Before, we mentioned that “iPhone repair [your city]” will not return ads. Now, try searching “iPhones repairs [your city]”. Adding an “s” after iPhone has brought the ads back!

These repair companies might not even be aware of how their ads are being shown (or not being shown). Reach out to us to ensure your ads are optimized so they’re viewable by your potential customers.

Featured photo by CC0 Creative Commons on Pexels