Extreme Example of Spam on Google My Business

Spammers—such as unethical companies—try to get around Google’s filters with the goal of great visibility in search results. One such example of this is Bristol County Garage Doors Inc., based in Taunton, MA. Tim Coleman, an SEO, shared a Tweet sarcastically describing how the company might be the “2018 Winner” at Google My Business listings. View the Tweet below.

Google My Business Results

Do a Google search for “Bristol County Garage Doors Inc.”. The business name is all that should appear above “website” and “save”. Instead, you’ll find “Bristol County Garage Doors Inc. – Garage Door Installation, Garage Door Service, Garage Door Replacement, Garage Door Maintenance, Garage Door Company in Taunton, MA”.

Google has a term for this: Keyword stuffing. Suspension from Google My Business is a penalty for this type of spam. Companies like Bristol County Garage Doors Inc. do this so that they rank higher; however, this particular company already has relatively good reviews. They currently score a 4.4 on Google reviews and 5/5 on Facebook reviews.

It’s not worth it to use spammy tactics with the goal of ranking higher. Instead, using ethical Local SEO methods will improve your rankings and keep you there. Contact us to learn how you can rank higher in Local search results.

Featured photo by CC0 Creative Commons on Pixabay