What Each Status in Your GatherUp Customer Activity Dashboard Means

GatherUp is an online tool used by small and local businesses to gather feedback from their customers and request online reviews across a variety of platforms. The software is capable of sending emails to customers requesting feedback and then sending follow up emails based on the initial feedback a customer provides. Ultimately, many businesses hope that using GatherUp will help them gain new, positive, online reviews from real customers on websites like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Avvo, and the Yellow Pages with the goal of increasing customer conversions or even improving local SEO rankings.

After you enter a customer’s information and send out a request for feedback the tool begins to track your customer’s activity and interactions with the tool and messaging. Part of this customer activity log, and a crucial part to understanding how your feedback campaigns are performing, is the current “Status” of a particular customer. Unfortunately GatherUp doesn’t currently offer a help document that explains what each status means and we’ve had some customers and staff get confused by each one. Below you’ll find all the statuses we’re currently aware of and what each one means.

GatherUp Status Definitions on the Customer Activity Dashboard

Request Sent – Your request for feedback has been sent to the customer. This is the message you’ll see after the initial email has been sent out.

Unsubscribed – Your customer has clicked the unsubscribe link in their email from GatherUp. This means that the GatherUp tool can no longer message this customer about feedback in compliance with the CAN SPAM Act.

Rating Received – Your customer has sent you a rating from 0 to 10 but opted not to write any feedback into the request box. This rating is a 1st party rating, or in other words only sent via the GatherUp system and not placed on any other website such as Google or Facebook.

Review Received – Your customer has given you a rating from 0 to 10 and included a written ‘review’ or text in the feedback request text box. This review is a 1st party review and rating, or in other words only sent via the GatherUp system and not placed on any other website such as Trip Advisor or Avvo.

Clicked on Review Site – Your customer has clicked on one of the links you’ve provided to a review website. This does not mean your customer left a review for you as GatherUp cannot currently tell the difference (though we’re being told they are working on it). This means your customer went from your email request to a 3rd party website, or in other words they went to a website that accepts reviews for businesses such as Google or Facebook. GatherUp sends them directly to your business to leave a review.

Chat transcripts with GatherUp support that show some of the above definitions.

gatherup chat transcript defining statuses

gatherup chat support explaining difference between review and rating received