Yelp Introduces Personalized Search Results

For the first time Yelp is allowing signed in users to personalize their Yelp experience. Users on Yelp can now set up their profile to personalize results based on diet, lifestyle, and accessibility. To do this users on the app tap a heart icon and start selecting things they like. Yelp explains that this doesn’t make it a hard set of rules for them to follow, but that they’ll try and focus more on what a user selects when processing search results for them.

Here’s a video Yelp made about the new options

New Yelp app users or logged out users will still see prompts to personalize their experience, but they’ll need to select a login option to continue.

yelp mobile app logged out personalization

FAQ’s about this feature so far:

Question: Is this feature on both mobile app and their website?
Answer: This feature appears to be only available on the Yelp mobile app at the moment as we were unable to find personalization options on the desktop website.

Question: How does this impact my marketing?
Answer: While the feature may have minimal impact on your business, there’s a chance it’ll help pair up customers with businesses better. If you were getting a lot of low-quality phone calls via Yelp in the past then this might help alleviate those. We definitely see strong potential in this impacting restaurants, especially those that cater to specific diet needs or trends.