You Can No Longer Call Google My Business For Support

Up until this week Google Partners had been able to call and get phone support from Google My Business. This offered a HUGE relief to Local SEOs and consultants who found a client’s business profile (or their own in the case of Joe Youngblood’s agency and his now year-long odyssey) being frequently and erroneously suspended earlier this year.

That all changed earlier this week (date not know at time of writing). According to Joyanne Hawkins, a Google Product Expert, in response to Local SEO Damon Gochneaur asking about the phone system directing him to the Google My Business homepage.

Joy goes on to tell Damon that instead there is a form you can fill out now. That form (see below) appears to be designed to get a Google My Business employee to call you back.

Have your phone nearby? We’ll be calling you within 1 min. Our call may come from an unrecognized or international number.

That call appears to be coming from Google’s overseas support (most often located in India) as a quote at the bottom of the form tells users to expect a call from an “unrecognized international number”. If you’re prone to getting overseas spam calls and ignoring them, this notice alone probably gives you PTSD.

The new Google My Business phone support contact form can be found here:

While not being able to directly call GMB may be bad news, there appears a glimmer of good news in this change. The phone support no longer appears to be for Google Partners, but is currently open to everyone, including everyday Google Maps users. Could it be that normal users can use this form to report malicious activity or maps spam? That has yet to be determined.

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