Google My Business Launched Standardized Job Types for Service Businesses

The day after Thanksgiving Google My Business (GMB) announced an update to the Services feature and they make it sound like this will impact how a listing is displayed or even the rankings of businesses.

In the update GMB is now suggesting standardized services, or what they call “Job Types”, based on a businesses category. Currently the feature appears to be based on the primary category of a business and not the subsequent categories, though the announcement didn’t say much about it.

This update is part of GMB’s “Services” feature which is applied to each listing independently.

Here’s what Google says about the update

“These standardized job types make it easier for customers to find the services they need, and help merchants generate more relevant leads for the services they offer.”

Previously service based businesses were able to add custom services, but those didn’t appear on business profiles or have any impact on the rankings of a local business in Google or on Google Maps. This update makes it sound like the standardized job types might be used for one or both of those, although that isn’t made very clear.

Still, you should check your GMB listing and add any suggested standardized job types Google My Business is recommending and see how that impacts your listing and your ability to generate leads for new business.

To add these new standardized job types follow these instructions:
1. Login to your GMB account at
2. If you have multiple businesses select which business to edit.
3. On the left-hand side select “info” (or “services” if you see that option).
4. On the info page scroll down until you see “services” generally you’ll find it above ‘attributes’ and your business description.
5. In this section you should see a list of standardized job types GMB thinks fit your business.
6. Select and add those that apply to your business.

Of note this was announced on November 27th, 2019 and as of December 2nd, 2019 appears to be still rolling out as some of our clients in one industry see their standardized job types and others do not.

standarized job types in google my business example screenshot remodeling company

Pictured: Standarized job types recommended by Google My Business to a remodeling company.