Yelp is Now Charging Businesses to Highlight Something About Their Business on Their Listing

Companies exist to make money and Yelp is no different. Now, the business directory giant is charging companies who want to show their “highlights” to current and potential customers. They haven’t officially announced this featured yet; however, Thibault Adda reported on this service in his tweet below.

As you can see, you’re able to choose from over 30 different highlights (you will be able to showcase up to six highlights) which make your business stand out from the rest. These highlights include “live music”, “free wifi”, “sports on tv”, and “outdoor seating”. In selling this service, Yelp writes “”businesses have seen up to 15% more leads highlighting what makes them unique”. The company also gives a general price for this service: $2 per day, on average.

Featured photo by Nikolay Frolochkin on Pixabay