Comedian Reads Google Reviews of Churches


Google reviews make for some interesting reading. The four or five-star reviews are “safe”, to say the least. These reviews mostly speak highly, which is why the review is good. The one-star reviews are the ones worth reading through! This is especially true when it comes to churches. At least it is for comedian John Crist. He commented on numerous one-star reviews of churches. The results are hilarious.

Humorous Church Review Comments

The comments are funny; however, hearing them is funnier when you get to see John Crist’s facial expressions. Case in point: One of the reviews says “Not real welcoming. No one said hello or goodbye … nothing.” Check out John’s facial expression below.

Here are some other highlight reviews:

  • Just got bored quick. Worship is not great and message was too monotone and screamy for me.
  • The “worship leader” looked like he just got through mowing the yard.
  • Other people made fun of me and they also called me a Satanist for wanting to learn Latin.
  • Paninis were terrible!

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t go to church for the paninis!

See more of John Crist’s comedy on his website:

Featured image and church review photo is a screenshot by Gain Local