Google Has Added “Reserve With Google” to the 3-Pack Map in the SERPs

Have you ever searched for a business in Google Maps? Perhaps you were looking for a great restaurant in the area. Or, you could have looked for the nearest clothing store. The 3-Pack in Maps refers to the top three search results. The top three spots are extremely valuable digital real estate locations! After all, people see these three before clicking to see more, if they even want to see more.

Google constantly tweaks how they display search results. Now, Google has made an update to their Local 3-Pack in Maps search results. This update, like all Local SEO-related updates, will impact how you implement your Local SEO strategy. If Google revises something about their Local search results, you may need to revise your strategy in order to gain the best results.

The update is called Reserve with Google. Mike Blumenthal discusses this new feature on his website. Let’s consider what he says and think about what Reserve with Google means for you.

What is Reserve with Google?

To put it plainly, Reserve with Google is another way for customers to make reservations. It’s that simple! However, searchers can now go directly to a reserve area straight from search results. Having a research button fosters and nurtures a growing buyers intent and will bring the customer to the “buy” page. This model makes a great sales funnel.

Regarding Reserve with Google, Mike Blumenthal writes, “Transactions in Local Search via Google’s Reserve with Google tool have historically been limited to Knowledge Panel results. It appears that these transactional capabilities have expanded or will be expanded to include embedding calls to action directly into the Local 3-Pack search results.”

The button itself doesn’t say “Reserve”; rather, it says “BOOK” like you would book a hotel stay or book a restaurant reservation. Above BOOK you’ll find a blue calendar icon where a blue phone icon would otherwise be located.

Reserve with Google and Your Business

Would your business benefit from customers or clients being able to make reservations? If so, you should include Reserve with Google as part of your Local SEO marketing plan. In order to do that, you’ll need to hook up with a Reserve with Google partner.

Reserve with Google wasn’t always open to any business. Mike writes, “it was initially focused on Spas and Gyms that worked with a limited set of 12 scheduling apps.” For example, yoga studios are already benefiting from using Reserve with Google. Mike continues, “In April of this year, restaurant booking using the Reserve app was added via OpenTable. Subsequently, Google expanded the number of scheduling app partners to now having 36 partners with an additional 33 partners ‘coming soon’.”

As Reserve with Google expands, more businesses are able to use the service. For example, the garage door category, museums, and other attractions can now be booked through Reserve with Google.

Current partners include Restorando, Peek, and Booksy. Partners coming soon include BookingBug, Eventbrite, and Zooty. There are a number of partners available depending on what type of business you have. For example, if you’re a restaurant you might use Restorando.

Take a look below at the current and upcoming partners found on the Reserve with Google partners page.

Commentator Insights

Numerous people have taken to the comments section to provide relevant information. For example, Thibault Adda thinks Reserve with Google will be good for some businesses and not as good for others. Thibault writes, “Large businesses could develop the Google Reserve API and reduce cost but SMBs will be stuck with their partner and pay a fee to keep offering this convenient feature.”

Thibault makes a good point about the cost of using Reserve with Google. Specifically, each partner has different costs associated with using the service. You’ll have to find out if it’s cost-effective for using this enhanced call-to-action right from the 3-Pack in Maps. Thibault continues, “The convenience factor may attract more users but as of today, those platforms cannot provide detailed reporting that would that it drives incremental traffic rather than just stealing brand traffic that would have previously clicked on the website URL.”

Another commentator, Phil Rozek, discovered a way to search businesses in your area that use Reserve with Google. He writes, the link “shows you all the businesses near you that offer scheduling/booking.” That link is important because you can see how you show up if you sign up for Reserve with Google.

Final Considerations

Reserve with Google is just another way for your customers to connect with you. Some customers prefer to call and some prefer to book online. As Reserve with Google becomes more popular, your customers might prefer to book through that service. Because of this, it’s a good idea to implement Reserve with Google as part of your Local SEO strategy.

New ways to reach your potential customers will be made apparent as the month and years go on. Make sure you have a nimble Local SEO strategy so you’re able to conform to the changes. If you do this, you’ll have the best chance at being successful with your marketing plan.

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