Google My Business Has Added File Uploads For Proof To Their Reinstatement Request Form

According to Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Roundtable, Google My Business has just added a new file upload button to the reinstatement request form.

Barry says this was first noticed by Google Product Expert and owner of Steady Demand, Ben Fisher, who brought it to his attention. Ben also discovered that Google My Business is now sending an email to local SEOs / business owners after the form is filled out that includes all of the information they put into the form. If you weren’t aware previously Google just took your submission and may not contact you until weeks later, and then when they did contact you they were very unlikely to reference the form information, making keeping records very difficult for local SEOs managing several reinstatement requests at a time.

The new proof upload button appears directly below the “additional information” field and should help business owners and local SEOs from having to send the same proof in via other channels such as a Twitter dm, and could possibly speed up the process of getting a reinstatement request reviewed by the GMB support staff.

new proof button google my business reinstatement request form

Here’s what the entire reinstatement request form looks like currently (May 21st, 2020), for future reference.
google my business reinstatement request form full may 2020

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