Google My Business Might Suspend Your Listing if You Create a Short Name

In what appears to be a bug, Google My Business might be suspending accounts. The issue was first reported in a private SEO group on Facebook by local SEO Mike Friedman. A screenshot of Mike’s post was taken by Joe Youngblood and posted to Twitter where it went about as viral as a post about local SEO can go racking up dozens of retweets, likes, and replies within hours.

Mike said that by setting a short name it appears to cause a bug that removes all or some reviews. His solution was to remove the short name and wait, within minutes to hours his reviews reappeared.

Other SEO’s chimed in on Twitter saying that setting a short name lead to their clients listing getting suspended. Unfortunately when this happens it isn’t clear if removing the short name will get the account unsuspended and there’s a chance you’ll need to go through the reinstatement process, which could take several weeks.

Local SEO Morgan Porter, who is based in the UK, said this happened to 4 out 44 listings under her management, or to about 10% of listings. That means hundreds of thousands of businesses world-wide are at risk of this bug currently.

All the SEO’s seem to agree to be careful when selecting a short name, don’t use hyphens or underscores, and you might avoid getting suspended or losing your reviews.