Product Catalogs on Google My Business Will Now Appear in Search Results

If you’ve noticed, there have been quite a bit of small changes with Google My Business recently. We’ve been covering these and will continue to post about them. Now, there’s another improvement: Google is now displaying the product catalogs in search results.

Product Catalogs

Google’s Product Catalog exists to connect consumers with your product(s). To make this happen, you simply have to log into Google My Business, navigate to the Products tab, and add the products you’d like to showcase. Google essentially does the rest at that point. Now, these products are showing up in Google search results.

Here’s what Google says about this change: “Before, items that businesses add through Product Editor appeared exclusively in Business Profiles on the mobile version of Google Search. Now, customers can see businesses’ Product Catalog on Google Search both on the computer and mobile.”

Let’s say you own a store—Hats for Everyone—that sells hats. Jake, a local resident in your city, thinks it’s time for a new baseball cap. He goes online and searches “baseball caps near me”. Many of the hats you sell are returned to Jake in search results. He finds a few that he might like but prefers to see them in person. To his surprise, Jake notices that Hats for Everyone is only a few minutes away. He shows up one day and buys two hats. These sales happened because your product was visually shown to Jake.

If you sell products, make sure you’re adding them in the Product area in your Google My Business. Doing so will increase the chances you’ll be making sales like in the example above!

Featured photo by Justrye on Pixabay