Facebook has added more tools for small businesses

How does Facebook make money? One way is to sell shares via the stock market. And for those investors who own Facebook stock, they’ve done quite well over the past few years. Another way Facebook makes money is from local businesses like yours. They do this through allowing you to run ads on their platform. Facebook is constantly looking for ways to improve its platform for small companies. And now they have through adding more tools. Let’s read about what Facebook has added.

Automation, Appointments, and Video Editing

Let’s talk about automation first. Facebook is giving small businesses tools to help automate their ads. They write, “With Automated Ads, we ask you a few simple questions about your business and your goals, and then we develop a customized marketing plan for you.” This sounds like an easy way to get started with the ad platform. The new Automated Ads will include:

  • Multiple versions of your ad
  • Tailored audience suggestions
  • Recommended budget that generates results
  • Timely notifications about your ads

Next, we have appointment. Here, Facebook is focusing on local businesses like barber shops, dentists, chiropractors, and others. Facebook writes, “You can use appointments to enable new and existing customers to book services with your business. You can accept appointments online and send reminders to customers through Messenger or text message. You can also customize your business’ menu of services, display availability and accept and manage all appointments directly from your business Page.”

Finally, the social media giant has added new video editing tools. The three new video editing tools are:

  • Automatic cropping
  • Video trimming
  • Image and text overlays

You can find these video editing tools in the Ads Manager area of your dashboard.

Featured photo by Simon Steinberger on Pixabay