Google committing $340 million in free ads to small and midsize businesses during COVID-19 pandemic

Great news for small and midsize businesses from Google as it is now offering $340 million total in ads credits to SMBs who have an active Google ads account. According to a Google COVID-19 support page, “SMBs who have been active advertisers since the beginning of 2019 will see a credit notification appear in their Google Ads account in the coming months,” and that these credits “can be used at any point until the end of 2020 across our Google Ads platforms. ”


In a blog post made by Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, he relays his understanding that “as the coronavirus outbreak continues to worsen around the world, it’s taking a devastating toll on lives and communities.” To combat these tough times, he decided to address some challenges through a large monetary commitment. He stated: 

“To help address some of these challenges, today we’re announcing a new $800+ million commitment to support small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), health organizations and governments, and health workers on the frontline of this global pandemic.”


In a tweet made Friday afternoon, Pichai states that the breakdown for the $800+ million commitment is as follows:

  • $340 million free Google ads credits
  • $250 million in ad grants for the World Health Organization + over 100 government organizations worldwide
  • $200 million investment fund for nonprofit organizations and banks to help small businesses access capital